SyncIt... The Offline Web App Enabler

You're designing an App.

  1. It should work offline and online.
  2. How to keep track of changes made offline?
  3. What happens if two people/devices edit the same thing?

SyncIt records all changes to data.

  1. Every change needs versioning
  2. SyncIt knows what has changed locally
  3. So we can find what to upload / download

How do we communicate between clients?

  1. SyncIt can monitor the network connection
  2. Will then download changes from the server
  3. Then upload changes back to the server

What if it's been changed by two people?

  1. All changes are versioned, so we know when
  2. You supply a function to resolve conflicts
  3. SyncIt will fire it when we need to know what to do

Where do I start?

  1. Download the Bootstrap
  2. type node app.js
  3. Customise